Find Car Parts
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Struggling to recognize and find spare auto parts?
No more headaches! Meet the latest part recognition tech and get rid of exhausting processes.

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Partium for Aftermarket Auto Parts

Help technicians with part reordering

Make it easier to identify and reorder parts whenever an item goes out-of-stock. With our Partium solution you can find any of SKUs in a given catalog.

Facilitate search of car parts online

Let aftermarket customers find any part within your online catalog by taking a picture of it.

Mobile Car Part Finder

Part recognition in the palm of your hand

A smartphone and your app is all technicians and customers will need to find that missing spare part.

Recognition of built-in parts

Our systems, trained with images of normal part environments, can detect both installed and loose parts, enabling reordering even before dismantling. 

Run it in your app or web

Integrate part recognition with a camera mode to your app or even a website.

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Car Part Finder Kiosk

Removes pressure on users

No need for visitors to use their mobile device or download an app to easily find parts in store.

Controlled lightbox environment

That allows better imagery and, therefore, better visual search results.

Fast SKU-level matching

Thanks to the visual search running on site and a disambiguation process for very close matches.

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NAPA Auto Parts Adopts Part Recognition for Kiosk & Mobile

NAPA Auto Parts offers part recognition in their app and also in-store with the help of installed kiosks. Discover how it quickly helps store visitors and online customers find what they need.

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Finding Car Parts Just Became Easier.
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