Your Hardware Store Ally To Help Customers Find Parts

Find SKUs In a Snap

Use Partium to let customers locate parts in-store or buy them from the comfort of their homes in just a snap.

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Why Use Part Recognition?

Easily find parts in-store or online

With a simple item scan performed with their phones or in-store kiosks, customers can find parts in no-time.

Empower store associates from day 1

Easily locate SKU around the store or the warehouse and check its price, stock, etc. in a snap.

Easily relocate misplaced parts

Scan any misplaced part and see where it belongs to speed up decluttering.

Mobile Part Finder

The easiest way for customers and store associates to find parts,
tools and more wherever they are, whenever they want.

Find parts anywhere you are

Users can look for parts from their homes, workshops, etc.

Refine search

Use product facets to refine search and find the exact or most similar match.

The most exact matching

Find the exact item, with the exact finishing you need.

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Part Finder Kiosk – Find Parts In Store

The latest part recognition tech in an on-premise device trained to recognize thousands of different fasteners, light bulbs, and plumbing supplies.

Removes pressure on users

No need for visitors to use their mobile device or download an app to easily find parts in store.

Controlled lightbox environment

That allows better imagery and, therefore, better visual search results.

Fast SKU-level matching

Thanks to the visual search running on site and a disambiguation process for very close matches.

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Home Depot Helps Customers Find Products Using an Image

Home Depot adds a camera search functionality to their app to help customers find parts either in physical stores or online.

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Finding Parts In Store Just Became Easier
Ready to try?

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