Part Recognition with Computer Vision + Metadata AI

Partium’s image recognition technology can identify spare parts across many industries — engineering, railway, heat treatment, automotive, home improvement. We combine our image similarity models with feature-specific classifiers and AI-enabled metadata filtering to deliver hyper-precise matching of parts.

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Multiple modes


We offer a mobile SDK and white-label applications that can enable users to identify spare parts, find information on them, and replace them.


This appliance, with an onboard GPU and light box, enables on-device recognition of parts, training data collection, and testing, all in one heavy-duty kiosk. Perfect for stores, warehouses, and industrial settings. 

Part recognition flow

1. Pre-Search Filtering

When necessary, filter based on criteria like category, worksite, warehouse, or car make/model.

2. Calibration and Image Processing

Enables on-device recognition of part size, and scale of the object, as well as barcode and print recognition (if the image is from a catalog).

3. Object Recognition

Best matching parts produced by our visual search AI models in the case an exact match is not produced from barcode or print.

4. AI-Enabled Disambiguation

In the form of intelligent questions presented to the user to distinguish non-visual features of parts, and narrow down the candidates to a single result.

Inside our part recognition solution

Filters & disambiguation

Enable refinement and narrowing of search based on the optimal questions, filters from metadata.

Metadata enrichment

Partium imports product feeds and harvests new meta-data, including measurements, finish, head type, among others.

Sizing and measurement

Recognition of part dimensions and fine-grain measurements.

Custom training data

We provide specific training mode in our kiosk and mobile implementation to capture all the necessary imagery for part recognition.

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Part Sizing and Measurement

Getting to the exact SKU is paramount for part finding and spare part reordering. Our calibrated kiosk setup and our mobile SDK take care of measuring the part captured by the camera with millimeter precision.

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Filtering and Disambiguation AI