Increase Your Spare Part Sales through Visual Search

If you are a machine manufacturer then you know that the identification of spare parts is a hassle for your customers. Partium’s technology makes it possible for anyone to identify replacement parts and instantly re-order them from you. With Partium you finally have a tool that connects your customers with your spare part business and collects powerful user data to drive your spare part top line (i.e. revenue) and not just the bottom line (EBIT/cost savings)

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How It Works

1. Customers Snap a part

Customers snap a part using Partium embedded to an app or our kiosk and find it among thousands of replacement parts. It will deliver the best result.

2. Receive the order

Once the part is identified, your customer can add the part to the order basket and request it from their purchasing department.

3. Analytics, Bundling & Predictions

Partium collects user data that you can analyze to determine patterns, adjust part pricing, identify parts that are not ordered in your shop, and grow your business.

Part Recognition for Manufacturers

Manufacturers are making their spare parts inventory available to re-order digitally. Dealers, distributors and regular customers can purchase from their websites and apps, simplifying order placement and making it easier to track orders online.

Integrating part detection and recognition is the next step to streamline order management. Not only it helps the different players find parts easier within your catalog, but it also eliminates the need for manually filling in long spreadsheets or POs.

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Drive your part sales through advanced Analytics

Industrial businesses are trying to reduce machine maintenance costs. That is why they make considerable efforts to find and source cheaper alternatives to the original manufacturers branded spare parts. This trend leads to more and more OEM parts’ replacements by cheaper third-party substitutes and consequentially to a revenue loss on the manufacturer’s end.

Part identification through visual search offers excellent benefits to your customers and gives you an edge when it comes to business intelligence. With Partium, you know what your customers are searching, replacing, and ordering through advanced user behavior analytics.

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An Additional Channel For Your Part Business

In-App Sales

Use the Partium App or integrate our market-leading search technology to increase both sales conversions and app retention. Partium is a great way to engage machine operators.

Expand your Parts Business

Learn what parts your customers are searching for, which one they order from you and which one they buy from the competition. With Partium you can leverage user data to expand your part sales.

Ready to increase your after-sales revenue?

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