White-label Product for Machine Manufacturers

Partium – the digital self-service tool for your employees & digital product that your customers have been waiting for.

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Save your customers’ time & create additional revenue

Value Innovation

With Partium your customers search industrial spare parts with their smartphone. It helps them to improve maintenance and aftersales processes, even in challenging environments.

With Partium you can accelerate your digital ecosystem and offer your customers real-world benefits – right in the palm of their hands.

Make it your own

Add Partium as a white-labeled application or SDK to your existing digital portfolio or use it as the foundation to create digital offerings. With Partium you deliver great value to your customers. Start selling digital Apps to your customers now – With Partium!

Partium, the digital Human-Machine Interface


Up to 75% reduction of help desk Inquiries from Partium users.


Up to 16% increase in spare part order value for users of the Partium App.


95% accuracy for visual search part search & find related parts.


Up to 2.5x ROI in 90 days due to licensing fees and order value

Jumpstart your own subscription business

Looking for new ways to grow your business? With Partium you have market-leading part recognition capabilities bundled with a top of the line mobile maintenance App that is to ready to be white-labeled and sold to your customers. Turn your machine users into paying subscribers and drive additional revenue now!

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In our case study “From maintenance assistant to digital product for plant and mechanical engineering” you can find out how AICHELIN, the leading manufacturer of industrial furnaces, accelerates their internal maintenance and repair processes while generating additional sales:

  • Challenge & Requirements
  • Solution & Added value
  • #jakob – the digital product
  • The business case
  • AICHELIN as a digital pioneer
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